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Senin, 19 Maret 2012

Laporan & Rumor Saham Indonesia 19-03 (Refresh)

2nd session on JCI 03.19.12
@ 4,024.733 (-3.804pts) (-0.094%)
H: 4,043.194 ; L: 4,012.542
Value: 3.64 T (NG 692.99 B)
Volume: 2.93 B (NG 523.07 M)
Foreign Nett Buy: 418.92 B

5 most active stocks by value:
ASII @ 70,500 (-0.70%)
BMRI @ 6,900 (0.00%)
BBNI @ 3,850 (+1.32%)
BHIT @ 365 (+5.80%)
MNCN @ 1,910 (-2.05%)

5 most active stocks by volume:
BHIT @ 365 (+5.80%)
BKSL @ 255 (-1.92%)
TRAM @ 950 (-1.04%)
ASRI @ 600 (-1.64%)
ELTY @ 129 (-1.53%)

5 most up:
ZBRA @ 220 (+27.91%)
SQMI @ 1,960 (+24.84%)
ASDM @ 630 (+23.53%)
SAFE @ 145 (+22.88%)
CMPP @ 700 (+20.69%)

5 most down:
DSSA @ 13,400 (-19.76%)
LPIN @ 2,700 (-12.90%)
KOIN @ 285 (-10.94%)
JECC @ 750 (-8.54%)
MYTX @ 325 (-8.45%)

5 Leading movers:
INTP @ 18,350 (+4.42%)
EMTK @ 4,500 (+1.93%)
UNTR @ 29,850 (+1.92%)
BMTR @ 1,610 (+1.90%)
SMAR @ 6,200 (+1.48%)

5 Lagging movers:
GGRM @ 52,900 (-3.52%)
UNVR @ 19,250 (-3.49%)
DSSA @ 13,400 (-2.91%)
ASII @ 70,500 (-2.31%)
INCO @ 3,350 (-1.14%)

Venia Meissalina
Research Assistant
BNI Securities

Bloomberg: H.M. Sampoerna Advances to 20-Year High on Profit Report

Indomobil Drops Most in 11 Weeks on New Downpayment Rule

Indocement Climbs Most in Five Months on Rising Cement Demand

Indonesia Received 19t Rupiah of Bids for Retail Sukuk

Nissan Motor to Boost Investment in Indonesia to $400m

Indonesia Auto Loans Rule to Cut Sales by 10-25%: Nomura

Palm Oil Climbs as China Buys More, Crude Boosts Biofuel Appeal

Dollar Bulls Beat Bears in Futures for Longest Stretch Since ‘99

Asing Net Buy, IHSG Sesi I Ditutup Naik Tipis

Sesi I
Minim Katalis Penggerak, IHSG Bergerak Datar

Tarik Menarik Sentimen Warnai Sesi Dua

Mencoba Peruntungan pada Saham Infrastruktur

PIMCO: Portugal Jadi Yunani Berikutnya Akhir 2012

Saham Sepekan Masih Tertekan?

SMGR Usul Bagi Dividen 2011 Sebesar 50%

Wintermar Menang Tender Pengadaan Kapal Blok Tangguh Rp 500 Miliar

Caplok Global Teleshop, Trikomsel Rights Issue Rp 260 Miliar

Semen Gresik Targetkan Penjualan 25,2 Juta Ton

Sektor Bank Pacu Indikator Keuangan Melesat

Ini Dia 10 Tambang Emas Terbesar di Dunia

Ini Alasan BI 'Haramkan' DP Motor Rp 500.000

Tiga Kota Favorit Tempat Tinggal Orang Kaya

BNP Paribas rekomendasikan hold, saham RALS anjlok

CDS di level terendah 2012, harga obligasi stagnan

Harga nikel merosot, saham INCO ikut terpapas

ISAT akan lunasi utang yang jatuh tempo tahun ini

April, WEHA akan terbitkan obligasi Rp 100 miliar

Perluas lahan, GZCO siapkan Rp 250 miliar

CMNP bidik proyek jalur kereta api PTBA?

Bumi’s Tan to ‘Simplify’ Bumi Structure After Taking Reins: FT

Ramayana Lestari Cut to Hold at BNP Paribas, PT 810 Rupiah

Wintermar Offshore Gets $56m Contract, Investor Daily Reports

ABM Investama Seeks $250 Mln Loan to Fund Acquisition: Bisnis

Indonesian Bonds Rise Before Auction Tomorrow; Rupiah Is Steady

Cocoa Harvest in Indonesia to Decline as Palm Oil Lures Farmers

*RUBBER LOSING PLANTING AREA TO MALAYSIA, INDONESIA PALM: OLAM; Rubber Futures Advance 0.6% to 334.5 Yen/Kg in Tokyo

Sumitomo Mitsui to Help Finance Indonesia Infrastructure: Nikkei

Moody's assigns B1 to Berau Coal notesPosted: 18 Mar 2012 01:23 AM

Moody's Investors Service has assigned a definitive B1 rating to the US$500
million, 7.25%, 5-year senior notes issued by PT Berau Coal Energy Tbk (Berau).
The rating outlook is positive. The notes are unconditionally and irrevocably
guaranteed by PT Berau Coal, PT Armadian Tritunggal, Empire Capital Resources
Pte Ltd, Winchester Investment Holdings PLC and Aries Investments Limited,
Seacoast Offshore Inc and Maple Holdings Ltd.
The definitive rating on this debt obligation confirms the provisional (P)B1
bond rating assigned on 27 February 2012, based on the fact that the amount
raised from the bond issue and the covenants stated in the Offering Memorandum
Circular of 6 March 2012 are consistent with Moody's expectations.
About US$345 million of the new issue will be used to refinance Berau's existing
credit facility, and the balance will fund capital expenditure and general
corporate purposes.


SMAR profit FY11 rises, but tiny margin

PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources & Technology Tbk (SMAR), a subsidiary of Golden
Agri-Resources Ltd, that is controlled by Sinar Mas Group, today reported a
41.27% increase in net profit last year, despite a steep jump in gross profit.
SMAR, which is a CPO producer, booked Rp1.78 trillion net profit or Rp621 a
share last year from Rp1.26 trillion or Rp439 a share.
Operating profit increased 47.90% to Rp2.47 trillion last year from Rp1.67
trillion a year earlier. However, the increased made a slight decrease in
operating margin to 7.79% from 8.24%, which is too small compared to the
operating margin of PT PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk (LSIP), that is owned by
Salim Group and Eddy Sariaatmadja, older brother of Fofo Sariaatmadja, the owner
of Surya Citra Televisi and its parent PT Surya Citra Media Tbk (SCMA).
LSIP booked Rp2 trillion operating profit last year, a 47.05% surge from Rp1.36
trillion. But, the operating margin rose to 42.64% from 37.88%.
SMAR's gross profit jumped 139.49% to Rp7.52 trillion from Rp3.14 trillion,
while operating expenses also surged 243.54% to Rp5.05 trillion from Rp1.47
trillion. SMAR posted Rp31.68 trillion in net sales, a 56.29% increase from
Rp20.27 trillion.
Sinar Mas, that is owned by Widjaja family, controls SMAR via PT Purimas Sasmita
with 97.20% stake, while public shareholders own 2,80%.

Bumi Serpong FY11 profit jumps 113%

PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk (BSDE) reported a 113.18% increase in net profit last
year on the back of higher net other income.
Bumi Serpong booked Rp840.78 billion net profit or Rp48.05 a share last year
from Rp394.40 billion or Rp34.35 a share a year earlier.
Operating profit increased 10.35% to Rp960.56 billion from Rp870.47 billion.
Revenue rose 13.31% to Rp2.81 trillion from Rp2.48 trillion.
Greenwood performance
Newly listed property developer PT Greenwood Sejahtera Tbk (GWSA) booked a
1,422.18% jump in net profit to Rp205.19 billion or Rp48.91 a share last year
from Rp13.48 billion or Rp149.79 a share a year earlier.
Gross profit rose 390.21% to Rp133.14 billion from Rp27.16 billion, while
operating revenue surged 173.52% to Rp258.09 billion from Rp94.36 billion.





PTRO: Jakarta - PT Petrosea Tbk (PTRO) membukukan kenaikan laba bersih sebesar
24,6% menjadi US$52,64 juta atau setara US$0,0522 sen per saham pada 2011
dibanding pencapaian 2010 sebesar US$42,25 juta atau setara dengan US$0,0422 sen
per saham.


PTRO: Jakarta - PT Petrosea Tbk (PTRO) memperkirakan nilai kontrak akan
meningkat secara substansial pada 2012.\

HMSP: Jakarta - PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk (HMSP) berhasil membukukan
kenaikan laba bersih konsolidasi sebesar 25,54% menjadi Rp8,06 triliun dari
Rp4,42 triliun pada 2010\


RIGS: Jakarta - Saham PT Rig Tenders Indonesia Tbk RIGS) berpotensi untuk
terkerek ke level Rp800 dalam waktu dekat.

Hal ini seiring rencana perseroan untuk menggelar roadshow ke Eropa, Asia, dan
Amerika serikat untuk mencari mitra strategis. Selain itu, perseroan dikabarkan
bakal menggelar private placement.

Berita" Lama RIGS:
-RIGS Raup Pinjaman US$9,5 Juta
-Scomi Marine Lepas 80,54% Saham RIGS
-Saham Rig Tenders Akan 'Tender Offer' Saham Sekitar Rp1.200
-RIGS Bakal Dapat Dana Segar


RODA: Royal Oak Tuntaskan Akuisisi 60 Persen Saham MKG
Kontribusi MKG pada pendapatan Royal Oak sudah bisa terealisasi pada 2013
Rampungnya akuisisi, membuat pengembang properti ini menargetkan kontribusi MKG
pada pendapatan perseroan bisa mencapai 15-25 persen per tahun.\


Agenda Minggu Ini
-Saham GIAA mulai ditawarkan

19 Maret. akhir perdagangan bcip-r,
SUGI RUPSLB, Batas wkt BLTA utk memperbaiki kelalaian blm dibayarkannya bunga
utk obligasi IV/2009 seri B dan C, NAHB Housing Market Index

swap yang dilakukan Yunani dgn kreditor swastanya akan menjadi fokus perhatian.
Karena menjadi salah satu syarat pencairan dana bailout sebelum jatuh tempo
utang tanggal 20 Maret 2012. Housing Starts, Building Permits, BUY RIGS ON CORP

21 Maret
RUKUN RAHARJA RUPSLB, Rupslb BNGA, Rupslb Champion Pacific, Alam Sutera Realty
Tbk ( ASRI ) akan launching cluster perumahan baru di alam sutera serpong,
Cluster Mentari - Sutera Sitara Harga 2,9 Milyar - 5,3 Milyar, MBA Mortgage
Existing Home Sales, Crude Inventories

22 Maret
Rupslb Buana Listya Tama (cancel),
Initial Claims, Continuing Claims, FHFA Housing Price Index, Leading Indicators

23 Maret
Pengumuman Pemenang proyek tender senilai Rp 112,1 miliar ini dijadwalkan akan
diumumkan pada
23 Maret (Tender tersebut ini dipinang oleh 24 perusahaan. Adapun kontraktor
pelat merah yang turut serta dalam tender ini di antaranya, PT Waskita Karya, PT
Adhi Karya, dan PT Wijaya Karya.), New Home Sales


Berita" Dr Koran:






Dow, S&P Log Best Weekly Gains Since Dec.
Stocks finished flat in a lackluster session Friday, but the major averages
posted impressive weekly gains, with the Dow and S&P logging their best gains
for the week since last December.
The CBOE Volatility Index, widely considered the best gauge of fear in the
market, tumbled below 15. The Vix briefly plunged to a 5-year low of 13.76
before recovering.
For the week, the Dow jumped 2.40 percent, the S&P rallied 2.43 percent, while
the Nasdaq soared 2.24 percent. All Dow components logged a gain for the week,
led by BofA and JPMorgan .
Dow. 13232.62 -20.14. -0.15%
Nasdaq. 3055.26 -1.11. -0.04%
S&P 500. 1404.17 +1.57. +0.11%
FTSE. 5965.58. +24.86 +0.42%
Dax. 7157.82. +13.37.+0.19%
CAC40. 3594.83. +14.62 +0.41%

Oil. 107.06. +1.95. +1.86%
Gold. 1655.80. -3.70. -0.22%
IDR. 9118 (source: yahoo finance)
Euro. 1.3176

TLKM.29.31.-0.20. -0.68%. Rp6681
ISAT. 29.25 -0.34. -1.15%. Rp5334
BumiPLC. 769.00. -7.00. -0.90%
EIDO. 30.37. -0.08. -0.26%
Timah. 23275. -425. -1.79%.
Nickel. 18880. -380. -1.97%
Corn. 673.00. +4.00. +0.60%
Soybean. 55.50. +0.02. +0.0.4%
Wheat. 672.00. +7.25. +1.09%
DOC. IDR 4750. +0. +0.00%

(DE/ls- 19-03-12)

Jakarta - PT Semen Gresik Tbk (SMGR) mengharapkan dapat membagikan dividen 2011
maksimal 50% dari laba bersih perseroan. Hal itu dikarenakan akan banyak belanja
modal di lima tahun mendatang.


LPIN: Jakarta –Saham PT Multi Prima Sejahtera (LPIN) akan segera menuju level
Rp5.000 per lembarnya.

Salah satu pelaku pasar menyebutkan bahwa dalam waktu dekat Pacific Asia
Holdings, selaku pemegang saham mayoritas LPIN, akan menambah porsi
kepemilikannya melalui pembelian langsung di pasar.

Dengan penambahan porsi kepemilikan, Pacific Asia Holdings diprediksi akan
memiliki 30% saham LPIN dan berencana mengucurkan dana investasi untuk
pengembangan bisnisnya.

Pada tahun ini, rencana ekspansi LPIN selain penambahan beberapa line produksi
baru adalah ketertarikan korporasi untuk mengembangkan area bisnis di bidang
penyediaan bahan kimia industri .

Mengenai proyeksi peningkatan pendapatan tahun ini, pelaku pasar itu optimis
menetapkan pada level sedikitnya 20%.

Pada perdagangan Jumat (16/3/2012), total transaksi LPIN diperdagangkan senilai
lebih dari Rp 2,03 miiliar dan ditutup di level Rp 3100 per lembar saham atau
naik 475 poin (18,09%).

Mandiri Securities: Sentul City (BKSL) and Summarecon (SMRA) – Vote of
confidence for Sentul area from savvy property developer SMRA, buy BKSL. SMRA
management told us that they are looking to complete the acquisition of
200-300ha land around Sentul (bot not BKLS's), with a price of around
Rp500,000/sqm. The land will be located 3-5km away from toll access. We are
hearing that another reputable developer, Agung Sedayu, may join the foray into
developing the Sentul area relatively soon. BKSL proportionately owns around
9,100ha land in Sentul, the biggest developer in Indonesia in terms of land
bank. Our NAV estimate for BKSL of Rp992/share (vs current share price of Rp240)
assumes a conservative land price of only Rp12,355/sqm for 6,682 hectares, or
73% of BKSL's land bank inventory. Cheap as chips, BKSL stands to benefit from
any progress in Sentul area development. Buy with Rp400 PxT. BKSL initiation
report attached.

RUMOR 19 Maret 2012
Bandar Kerek SRSN
TERSIAR kabar di pasar, bandar akan mengerek saham PT Indo Acidatama Tbk (SRSN)
ke level Rp 150 dalam waktu dekat, seiring kabar saham perseroan sedang diburu
salah satu perusahaan gula nasional. Dalam perdagangan Jumat pekan lalu, saham
SRSN stagnan pada level Rp 59

Asing Minati BKSL
SAHAM PT Sentul City Tbk (BKSL) disebut-sebut sedang gencar diakumulasi beberapa
broker besar, menyusul kabar salah satu pengembang besar asal Asean berminat
menjadi pemegang saham perseroan. Selain itu, rencana BKSL mengembangkan proyek
baru di kawasan pusat bisnis Jakarta bisa menjadi momentum penguatan harga BKSL
menuju Rp 500. Saham BKSL dalam perdagangan Jumat pekan lalu naik Rp 15 (6,1%)
menjadi Rp 260

Fundamentally: CIMB mempertahankan rating JCI pada OVERWEIGHT dengan target akhir tahun 4450 berdasarkan 12.6x forward P/E pada 14-19% FY12-13 growth. Dalam jangka pendek, akan datang tekanan dari rencana kenaikan harga BBM sebesar 33%, namun outlook midterm dan longterm tetap cerah karena demand yang kuat. BI baru saja mengumumkan peraturan LTV (loan to value) untuk KPR dan Kredit kendaraan mulai efektif 15Jun12. Hal ini sejalan dengan rencana BI untuk menyalurkan kredit pada hal-hal yang lebih produktif. Dampak jangka pendek adalah perlambatan kredit pada multifinance namun secara jangka panjang adalah NPL yang lebih baik. Yang umum terjadi saat ini adalah untuk kredit mobil, 10-20% dp dengan tenor 2-3 tahun. Kredit motor 0-10% dp, 2-3 tahun.

BNIS TA 1903
Signal Two Crows & Overbought Membuka Peluang Penurunan Terbatas.
IHSG terkoreksi ke 4.028. Momentum penurunan IHSG diperkirakan terbatas, berkat
fase akumulasi, trend bullish, Intraday oversold, buying power dominan, meski
candle two crows, pola Bearish Gartley, wave koreksi iv/3, penutupan di bawah
4.040 (3-Day MA). Resist : 4.040/4.065/4.075/4.100. Support :
4.017/4.000/3.988/3.965. Perkiraan range : 4.000 – 4.050.

BBNI: Trend Netral & Pola Akumulasi, didukung Stochastic Netral, candle Tweezer
Top, Uptrend Channel, penutupan di 3.800 (Pivot Point), buy power dominan,
dukung pola konsolidasi. Resist: 3.825/3.850/3.900/3.975. Support:
3.775/3.725/3.625/3.525. Rekomendasi: 1) Sell 3.825/3.850 target 3.625 kecuali
naik diatas 3.900; 2) Buy 3.700/3.725 target 3.625 stop loss dibawah 3.825.

CPIN: Trend Bullish & Pola Akumulasi, didukung Stochastic Netral, Cup With
Handle, penutupan di atas 2.708 (Pivot Point), buy power dominan, dukung pola
konsolidasi. Resist: 2.750/2.800/2.875/2.925. Support: 2.700/2.650/2.600/2.525.
Rekomendasi: 1) Buy jika tembus diatas 2.750 target 2.850/2.875 stop loss
dibawah 2.625; 2) Buy 2.650/2.625 target 3.750 stop loss dibawah 2.525.

MNCN: Trend Bullish & Pola Akumulasi, didukung Stochastic Bullish, Candle
Bullish Marubozu, breakout Bull Flag, penutupan di atas 1.900 (Pivot Point), buy
power dominan, dukung pola kenaikan lebih lanjut. Resist:1.970/
2.000/2.050/2.100. Support: 1.930/1.900/1.880/1.850. Rekomendasi: 1) Buy target
2.050/2.000 stop loss dibawah 1.900; 2) Buy 1.880 target 1.950 stop loss dibawah

KKGI: Trend Netral & Pola Akumulasi, didukung Stochastic Netral, Candle Long Two
Crows, Double Top, meski penutupan di bawah 7.616 (Pivot Point), sell power
dominan, dukung pola kenaikan lebih lanjut. Resist:7.500/7.650/7.750/8.000.
Support: 7.250/7.100/7.000/6.900. Rekomendasi: 1) Buy jika tembus diatas 7.600
target 8.000 stop loss dibawah 7.400; 2) Buy 7.250 target 7.600 stop loss
dibawah 7.100.

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