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Senin, 21 Mei 2012

The 1st In The World The Technical Analysis of US Corporate of Facebook. (The 36th IPOs in Indonesia by CTA)

Facebook (Code: FB):
Facebook Prices at $38 With Trading Set to Start Friday

A post-IPO Facebook strategy


Charts is Next

Price: US$ 38

Astrology: In 3rd Quarter Moon Phase ahead of Solar Eclipse in Taurus (20 May) & New Moon in Gemini Attack, Could Limit Upside Momentum.

Feng Shui: Monkey Year 2004, This means that career and money luck are very strong for you.

Strategy: Speculative Buy/ Long (One Day Trade) Target $50. Protect Your Self With Stops
(Trailing & stop loss).
Resist: 39.81 (Buy Breakout)/ 40.38/ 41.14/ 44.41 (Buy Breakout)/ 46.65/ 47.80/ 51.32 (sell 1/2)/ 54.97/ 56.21 (Sell 1/2)/ 58.31 (Buy Breakout)/ 61.31/ 62.63/ 66.65 (Sell)
Support: 34.98 (Sell Breakout)/ 32.08/ 30.23 (Buy)/ 29.31 (Sell Breakout)/ 26.67/ 24.15/ 23.34 (Buy)/ 21.75/ 20.23/ 19.48/ 17.34

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