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Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Get Ready For A Big "Surprise": 3 in 1 Attack -> Solar Eclipse in Taurus ± New Moon in Gemini ± Exp End of Corr Wave v/C

BBRI: Killer corr wave iii/c dorong penurunan BBRI ke target pole 5.500-5.400 (hasil breakout pola rectangle), maksimal target dumpling tops di 5.000 untuk area akumulasi Buy
IHSG: Closed di bawah bull channel & rectangle target 3.909/3.889 (200-day MA)/3.838 & 3.735 (the worst case 1), kecuali naik diatas 4.020-4.030 untuk Big Rally di tengah kondisi oversold. CTASaham masih safe akumulasi (Cicil beli 10%/each) saham2 safe haven (outperformed dibanding IHSG) sejak Kamis 17/05
DJIA: Three Peaks & A Domed & House Top Pattern Collapse, target support 12.100-12.200 on end of wave c/4
GOLD: in wave corr 4 for on the way wave 5 minuette impulse target 1.650/1.620.
FX: EURO (Reverse Short To Long) - GBP (Reverse Short To Long) - JPY (Reverse Long To Short). @Written by Admiral Markets

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