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Kamis, 18 April 2013

Rekomendasi & Strategy Harian Saham & Pasar Global 17 - 18 April

Pesta Dividen+EW v/3 vs PE (19.52x)+3 Black Swan+Outflow Rp 3T +SuperMoon! Aksi Beli Selektif Antar IHSG Tembus 5000

Cup With Handle + Long Consolidation BO 6.900 Menanti Keputusan BI & Bank Danamon Raih Laba Bersih Rp1 T pada Q1-2013

Hold Buy 4.900 TP 5.041/5.078 + Net Buy Asing Rp 409 B + Three White Soldier! IHSG Cetak Rekor Baru di Level 5.012

Fase Akumulasi & Breakout Rp 3.025 TP Rp 3.175/3.600! ADHI Catatkan Kontrak Baru Rp1,9 Triliun

Fase akumulasi + Breakout 1.010 = Trading BUY! TURI bagikan dividen Rp 128,3 miliar

TP diatas Rp 10k sudah di depan mata! Sampoerna Bagikan Untung Jual Rokok Rp 9,9 Triliun ke Pemegang Saham

EUR/USD tech levels

Meski indeks melesat, imbal hasil reksadana indeks

Fase akumulasi dapat picu kenaikan ke Rp 730/800 selama diatas Rp 660! Belum setahun di bursa, Waskita tebar dividen

TINS Bagi Dividen 2012 Rp42,87/Saham

Prepare For Summer Attack (Super Moon Effect). Rencana kenaikan BBM memperlemah posisi rupiah

Avoid / Sell on rally CPO Stocks! Palm Oil Drops to Lowest Level This Year on Crude Price Decline

Limited Upside on morning doji star! Timah to Pay 50% of 2012 Net Income as Dividend; Expects Tin Price May Reach $25,000-$26,000/T in 2H

BO 5000 TP 5041/5078/5100 -> Distribusi RT : Pertama Kali Dalam Sejarah, IHSG Tembus 5.000 via  

Weak akumulasi utk BO 1.290 guna menuju Rp 1.380! Strategi Jitu Kalbe Jelang SJSN

PGN Bagi Dividen Tunai Rp4,9 Triliun

Oversold + Morning Doji Star vs Distribusi = Spec Buy! Berharap Harga Batubara Selamatkan PTRO

Dead Cross on Koreksi subwave c/4? Wall Street Suram, Dow Jones Jatuh 138 Poin

Konsolidasi sebelum BO 900-950! Saham BBKP Milik Kopelindo & Yanatera Sudah Ada Penawar?

More & More Negative Catalysts! Germany downgraded to A from A+ by Egan-Jones

Be Prepare For The 2nd Flash Crash in Coming Weeks! Gold Won't Rebound for a 'Long, Long Time': Analyst

Peluang Kenaikan Terbatas Untuk Fase Distribusi Jelang SUPER MOON! IHSG turun dari level rekor pagi ini

Dead Cross in Fase Akumulasi = Buy on weakness! Rumor penjualan tak jelas, saham VIVA tertekan

Peluang Kenaikan Terbatas Selama di Bawah area Rp 1.120! ASRI Harap Catatkan Penjualan Rp5,6T

Three Outside Up & Golden Cross To Attack Rp 6.100! Gas Negara Sees Sumatra-Java-Bali Pipeline by 2021, Post Reports

Sell on rally while below Rp 19.200. Astra Agro Says 1Q Revenue Up 5.5% From Yr Ago to 2.72t Rupiah

Golden Cross + Morning Star Ahead of Stock Split! Japfa to Set Aside 3.9t Rupiah for Expansion: Investor Daily

Benefit For GJTL MASA! Rubber Futures in Shanghai Drop by Daily Price Limit, Palm Oil in Malaysia Trades Little Changed at 2,274 Ringgit/Ton

Still in corr wave c, Bear Attack Soon While Below 8.000! Astra International Upgraded to Outperform at CIMB, Shrs Gain

Sell on rally on overbought, prefer invest! Telekomunikasi Declines Most in 2 Weeks After Rally Boost RSI

Short-Term Overbought, Med - Long Super Bull! Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Declines After Gains Boost RSI

Short - med term: Bearish, Long term Bullish RT @arigaul

Amin pak Cin sy sich kenyang gold kmrn, semoga CTA semua yg trading gold happy super zuan jg RT @AgCin

POtential H&S Pattern + Corr Wave b/IV Intermediate! Scary Pattern Could Be Forming on S&P 500 Chart

Market bears rattle cage on major support

#Apple breaks below $400 for 1st time since Dec.2011 as investors dump #shares amid worries over iPad mini shipments.

Golden Cross + peak of wave iii bull + 1st Quarter Moon! Asing Net Buy, IHSG Cetak Rekor ke 4.998,65

Pola Distribusi Akan Tiba, Prefer Trading Daily - Swing! Saat investor emas cemas, investor saham cerah

3 Black Swan For Summer Attack! Inilah Dampak Kenaikan Harga BBM ke Pasar Modal

One Laggard That Will Become The Primadona! Inilah Top Foreign Sell Rabu (17/4/2013)

Saham ASRI, Top Foreign Buy Rabu (17/4/2013)

Dead Cat Bounce Before 2nd Crash? Gold looks to extend gains to a second session

Follow Suit The Crashing Gold & Coal? Oil products lead crude lower after supply data

Excellent! Buffett cautioned against investing in gold in Feb 2012, when an ounce sold for more than $1,700. #gold


Tiga Pilar Plans 808.9b Rupiah Capex in 2013, Jakarta Post Says

Borneo Lumbung in Talks to Sell Stake in Unit to Posco: Kontan

Golden Cross + wave iii/v Bull + Hold Buy Breakout 4.900 TP 4.985/ 5.041/5.078 *INDONESIA'S KEY STOCK INDEX GAINS 0.2% TO 4,956.58 AT OPEN

Positive For Construction & Property Nearby! China’s CNR Wins Tender for Jakarta Monorail Trains: Post Link

Citra Marga Plans Rights Issue to Fund Toll Road: Investor Daily

MNC Land Gains Most in 7 Wks After Announcing Rights Offer Plan

TP Rp 12.000 DONE, Next Rp 14.400! Telkom Indonesia Gains for Second Day, Heading for 5-Year High

Media Nusantara Citra Rated New Buy at Trimegah, Shrs Gain

After Gold Crash, BB Turned To Crashed...It's Time To Switch To BB Q10

Saksikan Analisa Saham CTASaham & BNI Sec: 14.00 - 15.00 WIB: Dealing Room MNC Biz Indovision Ch 100/ Top TV/ Oke TV/

It's Gonna Be An Extended Corr Wave 4 Bear Cycle! Gold’s fair value is $800 an ounce ...

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