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Kamis, 02 Juni 2016

After 2016 Jan - May (V) As CTA Expected; June Outlook: Bull (Euro Cup/S&P/Tax Amnesty/Flow) vs Bear (Astro 3 M/FOMC if +25 bsp/Brexit/USD/C'ycle in Summer Attack)

Terbukti Lagi Prediksi CTA Januari - Juni 2016:
IHSG high 4.800 - 5.000 (see it at twit January 2016 twitter: andri_zakarias); 
Sell Wall Street (DJIA > 18.000) (Juni) 
Oil in Summer (Crude > 50) (Juni)
Buy IHSG 4.820 (15 Juni) TP 4.945 DONE (29/6)/5.010
Buy Gold TP 1.340 (Q3)
Sell GBP 1.46xx TP 1.3300 (Juni)
Buy USD Index 94 TP 96 (29/6 di 96.15:100) (Juni)
Next: Rekomendasi Saham Roket CTASaham Mei - Juni Soon.

Mohon maaf lahir batin, Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa Ramadhan, bagi yang merayakan. Semoga ibadah kita diterima & mendapat berkah Allah SWT, Amin.

Black Friday on Summer Solstice attack: CTA call for Brexit "DONE"; Sold GBPUSD; Hold Buy USD Index 94; Gold $1.340 (see it first at Twitter / FB: andri zakarias)

27/6: Is It Just The Beginning Post Brexit? Market Now IDX Channel 15.00 - 16.00 wib (Rerun in Indovision Ch 100):

Rekomendasi CTA Part 1 Mei - Juni 2016 (Detail Records Soon!)

Indeks BEI Sepekan: IHSG Naik, 10 Saham Melonjak Asing Buy Rp 1.6 T (YTD Rp 4.86 T); > 4.801 & Golden Cross 5-20D MA

Despite jobs bombshell, Fed could still hike rates in July CTA hold July FFR hike call on Astrocycle before the Moon

IHSG Akhirnya Kembali Melemah 0,13% di Penutupan 9 hari Asing Net Buy Rp 2.5 T (YTD Rp 4.5 T); Shooting Star; wave v

OPEC agrees to no change in policy, no ceiling: Delegate Crude > $47 TP $50-54 on strong US$

Selama Bulan Ramadhan (6 Juni - 11 Juli), Analisa & Info CTASaham (Saham FX Komoditi) tidak akan Update seperti biasa. Salam Happy Zhuan.

How an interest-rate hike could send S&P 500 into Summer tailspin 3D Technical & 3 Issues Could Jeopardizes The Bull

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