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Rabu, 13 Juli 2016

JULY: After Bull Won In June; Limited Bull Rally, Fragile Short Term Correction on Peak Wave 3

Meski asing beli, IHSG - 1,57% Balancing fund (HMSP UNVR TLKM); YTD foreign buy Rp 24.95 T

Lapkeu Antarkan IHSG Nyaris Sentuh 5.300 5.298 DONE, Next 5.358/5.424 Gap; Bullish > 5.179

Oil holds near 3-month lows as oversupply weighs Hold sell crude for $37-$40 (H&S); Gold Buy

Laba TLKM melonjak 31,16%  Momentum puasa & lebaran mendongkrak kinerja UNVR Swing Bullish

Batubara terus melaju di gigi lima Saham coal limited upside dari efek Overbought; Bearish Divergence, prefer Swing

Big bull Tom Lee admits: 'August scares us' and here's why Technically Short Term Overbought; Swing Still Bullish

Pasar respon positif reshuffle, IHSG +0,96% Foreign Buy YTD Rp 22.8 T; PER 29x; YTD +16%

Laba TLKM melonjak 31,16% Momentum puasa & lebaran mendongkrak kinerja UNVR Swing Bullish

Mencari saham sektor paling menarik Akumulasi Infra agri consumer buy on weakness (overbought) mining finance prop

Rumor Dana Repatriasi Rp1.000 T, IHSG +69 Foreign buy Rp 21 T YTD, Upgrade IHSG, 5.198 DONE
EM ETFs Had a Seven-Year Best 1H: Will the Surge Last? Short Term Bull Fragile, But Strong Inflow & Wave III Support

Beli asing masih jadi pendorong laju IHSG…/beli-asing-masih-jadi-pendorong-laju-ihsg Net buy asing YTD Rp 19.7 T> Agri Bank Infra Mining Property

IHSG Fluktuasi, Sektor Finansial Paling Tertekan…/indeks-sektoral-18-juli-ihsg-ber… Done rekomen bank part 2; Next Bull Part 3

IHSG SEPEKAN: IHSG +2,7%, Asing Net Buy Rp5,7 T…/ihsg-sepekan-indeks-naik-279-investor… Peak 3 in Swing Bullish Jelang BI Rate, FOMC

WEKAHEAD: Wall Street's bull on earnings and politics…/wall-streets-bull-will-have-to-naviga… Volatile short term, extend Swing Bull

4 Sektor UP-Trend

Pound Set for Longest Rally in 2 Months Sold GBPUSD, Hold BUY USD 94 TP 97-100 buy Gold 1.3K
What the oldest market-timing system is telling stock investors Overbought, in wave v, Fragile for Minor Correction Usai Libur Lebaran, Asing Catatkan Net Buy Rp1,51 Triliun Foreign Buy YTD Rp 15.5 T; JCI +10.2% YTD; wave 5 TP 5.198
Hiring roars back in June with 287,000 gain in new jobs Fear on Strong US Payroll came true revised FFR hike in Sept

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