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Jumat, 25 November 2016

November: Volatile On US Election, Ahead of December FOMC. October: BULL, June - September DONE As Expected

Sektor Perbankan Tertekan, IHSG Melemah Foreign Sell YTD Rp 22.7 T (Nov  - Rp 10 T), Bearish Cycle & Gaps vs > 5.043

Trump's election a 'setback' for investors which changed the outlook for 2017: Asset manager

Terkoreksi, saatnya koleksi saham bank Bad Astro Timing, Weak Cycle 1-3 Minggu, Bearish Gaps, Wave koreksi C = BOW!

Where strategists see stocks ending the year Santa Rally, Window Dressing, FOMC (Sell on Rumor Buy on News), wave v

Wall Street is busy in week ahead Watch Astro Attack (New Moon-Venus) OPEC (Crude Fragile < $52, USD DJIA Overbought

IHSG sesi I berakhir di zona hijau, naik 0,1% Rotasi (Sektor & Saham) & Switch ke saham Outperform utk Safe Trading

Terdepresiasi 30 Poin, Pelemahan Dolar Dorong Mata Uang Asia W-Shaped Pattern di USDIDR, wave koreksi iv < 13.765

Will Santa Claus save the stock market’s ‘Trump rally’? Average Return in 10 Years DJIA (0.9%) vs JCI (3.5%)

23/11. IHSG Ditutup Berbalik 

Menguat Foreign Sell Nov Rp 8.6 T; Rotasi di komoditas, Isu demo (25/11 Aman), USD, Weak cycle

Bank Of America Merrill Lynch’s 7 Market Themes For 2017  CTASaham's Theme for 2017 is The "Clash of The Titans"

Iron Ore, Steel Rally On As China Doubles Down On Capacity Cut It supported by Metal Cycle 2016, lagging vs Coal Oil

Here are Goldman’s 2017 forecasts for stocks, oil CTASaham see a Bumpy Ride for S&P 500, JCI, Volatile Oil USD Bond

Fed Hike 100% Priced In, But Dots Will Still Drive Banks,-but-dots-will-still-drive-banks-200166089 … CTA Calls (7-29 Oct) for FFR Hike 25 bsp & Hawkish, Cycle

Pelaku Pasar Menanti Kejelasan Kebijakan Trump Cycle Partai Republik berkuasa & Bad Astro, isu Suku Bunga AS,Flow $ 

Tipe Investor yang Manakah Saya? Karakter investor di selaraskan dengan 3 tipe saham di BEI (trading/ investasi)

Oil Bets Are the Biggest in 9 Years USD Index Upgraded (TP 100 Done); Coal Gold Fragile on Divergent; Oil Up -> H&S 

Investor Asing Net Sell Rp551 M  Foreign Sell Nov Rp 6.5 T; FFR +0.25 chance Des 90% (Yellen 17/11), trigger 5.046 - 5.194, Coal met target 1

Good news for Rebound for days, before the Next 3M Astro Bear Attack!

Indonesia: Why JPMorgan Has Moved To Underweight Trump Makes Emerging Markets Ugly Again 

Penyebab IHSG & Rupiah Terjungkal Foreign Sell Nov Rp 4 T; Cycle JCI weak, bad Astro, Gaps; > 5.126 Oversold, Rotasi

Movers and Shakers ‏@mover_shakers  Nov 3 View translation
Siklus properti masih lemah. Jangan terlalu agresif. Tapi jika ingin beli lebih baik pilih PWON atau BSDE

Tax Amnesty Jadi Pendorong Penjualan Properti Tahun Depan Cycle Prop Konstruksi lagging rawan koreksi utk Akumulasi

Efek Trump menguji perekonomian Indonesia

Emerging Markets Plunge as Trump Policy Ris CTA warned on Trump Effect; Outflow; USDIDR (double bottom in wave iv)

Warren Buffett says stocks will continue to rise Long Term outlook still in cycle Bullish, short term Volatile

Rupiah Tertekan, IHSG -2,95% Foreign Net Sell, yuan Crash, Fed Rate, alert DJIA selloff soon, rotasi di commodity

Congrats Donald Trump as the Next U.S. president, CTA still hold SELL Gold & BUY DOW FUT, Downgrades USD, JCI & DJIA Index, Upgrades Gold & Commodity for 2017.

Menghitung dampak pemilihan presiden AS Hillary win (Next pola JCI: Inverted H&S) vs Trump (Next Pola JCI: Double Top). CTA See Hillary to Win meski ada peluang Dejavu pemilu tahun 2000.

HARGA BATU BARA: Ditutup Melonjak Coal Fut & Coal Stocks (Overbought) Limited Upside Volatile To Come (Short Term)

Bursa Saham Asia berguguran Fokus GDP Q1 Indo (5.02% y/y), valuasi mahal, Pemilu AS (Hillary Bull vs Trump Bear), wave C, Something BIG to C'ome (7-9/11): - ASTRO GDP BUMI US ELECTION (Next: Pilkada Feb 2017 by AstroCTA)

U.S. Stocks Post Longest Slide Since 1980 The fear if Trump win (Selloff) Fed, Killer Duo Astro in wave C next week

This stock market metric says the likely winner is...Trump Trump (Cycle & Metric) vs Hillary (Astrology & Poll). CTA See Hillary (Venus) to "Win" vs Trump (Sun) in below the influence of Saturn (Major Bullish), get bumpy with Mars (Short term Bearish) is changing house in Nov 9th. 

Dollar Drops Amid Election Angst USD index TP 99-100, BUY: WTI 40-43, GOLD EUR$ GBP$ in v Sell if US Payroll Strong

Saham & obligasi masih menarik Pick the Outperform (Lower PE Higher High Cycle), Obligasi (FR 53 56 72 73 V-Shaped)

Outlook Saham Commodity GDP Q3 RI Pemilu AS: Movers Shakers; IDX Channel 16.30-17.30 wib Indovision Ch 100 21.00 wib

Pembayaran Utang BUMI Ditentukan Pekan Depan Follow Coal, 5ullish Channel > 216 jelang Duet Maut Astro pekan depan

The Fed could be hiking rates into a weak economy Nov FOMC (No Change), FFR Hike in Dec if Hillary win the election

This stock market metric says the likely winner is...Trump Trump (Cycle & Metric) vs Hillary  (Astrology & Poll)...?

Tahun depan, prospek bank bakal lebih cerah CTA prefer 2nd liner Bank (Tax Amnesty) Short Term weak Swing 5ullish

Saran analis tentang saham Grup Bakrie Play by Technical (Higher high & volume, Trend Coal, > 3D MA, Market Timing)

KINERJA EMITEN KUARTAL III: Laba Bersih Sri Rejeki Isman (SRIL) Naik 17,21 Persen; Setelah Merger, Kapitalisasi Pasar Ciputra Bisa Salip Summarecon CTRA LAG (vs CTRP CTRS) SWING UP INTO 5 vs SRIL SWING WEAK ACCUMULATION INTO B

Penutupan tambang kerek harga nikel Batubara memanas jelang musim dingin Menuju target CTA (20/10)

HARGA CPO: Reli Penguatan 2 Hari Terhenti Lagging vs CPO, To break out Cup With Handle & Inverted H&S, Cycle Okt-Des

Asian Stocks Rise With Industrial Metals as Fed Bets Buoy Dollar Hold BUY USD TP (98-100); DJIA N225 HSI Buy Signals

This October still has a chance to look like the month we know and fear Tight range ahead of 'Killer Duo' Astro soon

Hentikan Reli Lima Hari, Batu Hitam Anjlok 3,24% Short term Super coal CTA (After DOID HRUM BUMI) Overbought,wave v

BURSA SYARIAH: Penguatan Lampaui IHSG, Saham ADRO PTBA Pendorong Utama Commodity Super Stocks CTA, Upgrade For Swing

8 Reasons To Buy Emerging Markets Year to date inflow, wave v while above September low, commodity still outperform

Week Ahead Oct. 17-22 Debate 3 Hillary should win vs trump, The Feds to be Hawkish, China Q3 GDP will be stronger

Harga saham TRAM Volatile Rekomendasi CTASaham TRAM Rp 50-117 (First In First Out), Cycle & Record kebangkitan Oktober 2016.

INDEKS BISNIS27: - 0,33%, Saham Tambang Justru 

IHSG mengekor Asia PER Mahal 29.6x, Overbought, Foreign Buy 10 Day Rp 186 B; BUY JCI GOLD ASIA if US Payroll < 150K

IMF warns U.S. rate hike could disrupt Asian capital flows Sell on rumor buy on the news (Dejavu 1999 2004 2015).

Pound plummets to 31-year low against the dollar … Breakdown Triangle, Sell GBPUSD while < $ 1.2912 TP $.1.2622/1.2515

This Chart Predicts Trump Will Win, Unless the S&P Rallies in October It Will Be Volatile as in Overbought vs Inflow

Stocks slump on Deutsche Bank, Brexit worries A Consolidation Before US Payroll (CTA See 185K-210K; consensus 151K)


IHSG Turun 0,53% IHSG Isi intraday gap 27/9 5.380s, Prediksi CTA Sept: ANTM 620 - 880 +31% BNGA 680 - 880 +30% PGAS 2.650 - 2.880 +8.9% PPRO 900 - 1.000 +19% Hold '7' Saham

Financial markets say Clinton beat Trump in the debate Astrogann CTA still see Hillary The Winner on Nov 8th, 2016

Bursa akan dibanjiri dana rights issue Rp 14,5 T Short Term Volatile Prefer Buy on Weakness di Oktober

JP Morgan: Amnesti Pajak Indonesia Sukses Besar Wave v, Foreign Buy YTD Rp 35 T, Swing Prop Bank Semen ASII Mining

Buy bonds, buy stocks, sell risk, blame the Fed Hold BUY DJIA 18.034 & > 18.260, Wave v > 17.992; Weak Volume

BI Pangkas Suku Bunga Acuan, IHSG Ditutup Menguat Prediksi CTA: IHSG 5.358 Gap 9 Saham* Rebound BOJ-FOMC-BI Terbukti

Super Wednesday BOJ (Helicopter Money) BUY USDJPY, FOMC Hold Rates, Hawkish Tone: DJIA BUY > 18.260; BI cut 25 bsp

The 1st IPO WSBP & The 48th of IPOs by CTA: TP Rp 875 (Medium Term), Upgraded if closed > Rp 875. Analisa comprehensive by Astrology & Technical Analysis 20 September
Sample IPO Saham Indonesia & US (2010 - 2015)

IHSG Diprediksi Lanjutkan Tren Positif Pekan Paling Volatile di Sept Jelang BOJ FOMC RDG BI IPO WSBP (BUY) Oversold

Harga saham batubara mulai membara Akumulasi buy saham coal pilihan; the outperformers vs IHSG & Sektor.

5 success tips from a multibillionaire who went from rags to riches

Speculators Less Bullish on U.S. Dollar, S&P 500, Gold,-s-p-500,-gold-426770 Hold BUY USD Sell Oil $49; BOW S&P 500 Buy Gold $1.300-1.295

IHSG seirama bursa Asia 8 in 1 Oversold Divergence; CTA: FOMC Hold; BI To Cut Rates; BUY IPO

Asing net sell, IHSG sesi I lompat 1% Gap 5.131 & 5.268 Done next 5.358 selama > 100D MA; isu T.A vs Data ekonomi AS
Net sell asing Rp 500 M lebih, IHSG sesi I anjlok Gap 2016: 3 Bull vs 5 Bear, Gap 5.131 Done, Next 4.990/4.890 selama < 5.220; target PGAS 2650 ANTM 620 DONE (2/9)

Prediksi IHSG 12 Perusahaan Sekuritas High Volatility dari 3M Astro, 8 Nov Pilpres AS, FOMC Des 16 CTA see +25 bsp

IHSG Kembali Jawara Dunia Sell warning (29/8) wave corr c, Astro RX-Eclipse, Gaps vs 60D MA,Foreign Buy YTD, PER 25x

Stocks sell off, Fed fears loom CTA warned Volatility/Retrograde-2 Eclipses/Iphone 7/Peak v

IHSG akan bergerak di area konsolidasi  Alert Pola H&S & 3D DJIA, Fed Blainard if dovish (Buy), > 20W MA, Oversold

Coal Rises From Grave to Become One of Hottest Commodities One of CTA Favorite Stocks; Anticipate a Volatility soon

IHSG Turun Tajam 1,07% Sektor Mining Property Overbought; Infra Weakest Consumer Defensive

What Wall Street Said about Apple's latest iPhone launch Fundamental vs Chart w iv -> v 3ull

Wednesday market focus will be on Apple and the Fed Will The Iphone 7 Release To Be On Fire?

Investor Asing Tak Lari, Tapi Profit Taking Foreign Buy YTD Rp 37.3 T; PER 26.7x; weak US Payroll (Buy), Tax Amnesty

Morgan Stanley recommends taking profits on indonesia stocks

ANTM (YTD 120%; Gaps Rp 660, 525); PGAS (YTD 6.5%; Gaps Rp 2.680; 2.410): Sell On Cloud, Buy on Gaps/Orange Areas. The SELLOFF After The Worst Average Monthly Returns (August) since 2006.   

This could be a September to remember for investors Buy stocks if US NFP below market expectations; CTA predict 195K

Emerging Markets with Reforms Momentum Look Attractive Part 1 - 4 Short Term Cycle 4ragile, Swing Trading 5ullish

The Laggards: BNGA (YTD + 26%); GGRM (YTD +18%) vs JCI (YTD 16%) in The worst monthly returns (August) since 2006.

Lunasi utang, BUMI kembali menjual aset PKPU BUMI 90 hari jatuh tempo 28 September 2016.

Anjloknya harga minyak membebani bursa Asia Hold sell WTI $49 TP 37-40, oversupply NFP >200K

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