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Kamis, 01 Desember 2016

December: Historically Uptrend on 10 Years, But Watch on Volatility From Europe FOMC Astro Cycle

Return IHSG 15,23% di 2016 … Foreign Net Buy Rp 17 T; Des Net Sell Rp 3.4 T; IHSG closed 5.2xx: Target ke-8 sejak 2014

Akuisisi lahan, BKSL terbitkan saham baru SMGR incar perusahaan material bangunan Grup Salim naik, MNC paling lesu

Bursa Asia naik 2,3 % di 2016 Bursa Eropa melaju di 2016 The Power of Technical Analysis

CTASaham saw IHSG 2016 to peak 5.400; Dow 20K, Pemilu AS, see the next prediction of 2017 by CTASaham in January. 

Outlook 2017: What To Expect From Oil, Gold, USD And FX Outlook 2017 Part 2,-part-ii:-200170791 

Will The Bull Market to Continue di 2017?

Menakar racikan bisnis obat Kimia Farma 

RUPIAH: Kenaikan Peringkat dari Fitch untuk Indonesia Jadi Penggerak Volatile USD di 2017 on Trump Effect

ANTM bangun pabrik feronikel Rp 3,42 triliun 

Penjualan lahan industri masih lesu 
Positif Sektor Baja 

Harga minyak naik ke US$ 53 jelang rilis minyak AS After CPO GOLD, Crude Oil (2016) menuju $ 55 - 60 selama > $ 48.

Emas meredup di akhir 2016 The Power of Cycle & Technical Analysis, After CPO, Gold (2016) Target <  $ 1.000 in 2017

Harga CPO masih tetap bullish MYR weakness into 2017, Breakout Resist Line & > 2.966 MYR Target 3.250/3.344 MYR

Emerging Market Currency Tantrum Deja Vu: Will China Devalue? 

Morgan Stanley's New Fragile 5

Emerging-Market Equity 2017 Outlook

IHSG tergelincir aksi ambil untung Foreign Sell in 28 Days, YTD Buy Rp 14.2 T, Warning Bad Cycle (IDX Channel 15/12)

NPL rendah, saham BJBR diburu Cycle is Bull (Oct & Dec), Dejavu Agustus (Spinning Top Candle) in, Buy Dips, Peak 3?

Menimbang prospek saham konsumer Cycle is Weak, UNVR KLBF RALS ACES INDF ICBP MPPA Oversold, GGRM HMSP Overbought

Harga CPO masih tetap bullish MYR weakness into 2017, Breakout Resist Line & > 2.966 MYR Target 3.250/3.344 MYR

Commodities poised to continue industrial-led rebound in 2017 Cycle is weak short term (mining) CPO med term to peak

IHSG pagi melempem pasca suku bunga AS dikerek Overbought (Not Yet Death Cross), 23rd day Foreign Sell, > 5 Week MA

Prospek properti konstruksi … (PWON LPKR PPRO BKSL Oversold BSDE SMRA CTRA ADHI WSKT Overbought) < 5D MA, Cycle Weak

Batubara … BUMI … PTBA … Coal … Fragile For Buy Dips

Strategists Predict Growth in Asian Markets for 2017 … Roller Coaster ride on Wall Street to limit a Bull Asia Rally

Tahun Depan, IHSG Di Ramal Tembus 6.200 CTA see No > 6.000 (Like 2016 CTA see no 6.000), Cycle Medium Term Netral, Roller Coaster DJIA, USD Index

Sinyal bullish harga minyak belum kuat False break $52 on Cup with handle, Overbought, konsolidasi wave koreksi iv

Harga CPO sudah meroket 24,4% sepanjang 2016 The laggard di antara komoditas, short term Overbought Swing still Bull

Harga batubara berpeluang rebound Short term cycle Bull, di atas 5D MA, play breakout, pattern (Flag, Cup, Triangle)

China GDP to soar and the US 10-year yield to hit 3%? 10 'outrageous' predictions for 2017

New rules for gold investing may open the market to 1.6 billion Muslims

Outlook Saham Commodity FX (4 Des; US Payroll, OPEC); IDX Channel 16.30-17.30 wib Indovision Ch 100 Rerun 21.00 wib

Sell-Off In Indonesian Banks Is Done, Says JP Morgan Bank Cycle still weak potential Rebound is limited by Astrowave

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