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Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

The 1st Suprise Just Come Out -> Stocks Rebound—Relief Rally or Start of New Uptrend?

CTA Don't Play IHSG, We Just Play Safe Haven Stocks & We Are Happy Cuan
(IHSG Merah, Saham Safe Haven Hijau; IHSG Hijau, Saham Safe Haven Semakin Hijau)

Saham yang kebal/safe haven ---> Low PE/ High EPS (Fundamental)/ Wave Impulse 3/5 / Good Sentiment (Rumor & News) + Astrology (Natal Chart) + Feng Shui + Oversold (Technical)
BUMI: target sell 21/05 done Profits + Buy breakout 1.730 target 1.800 done hari ini. Trend med-term: bearish tgt 1.200. @Courtesy BNI Securities Technical Analysis 21 May

IHSG: @Courtesy BNI Securities Technical Analysis 21 May. IHSG mendekati target lingkaran kuning untuk hari ini (22/05) untuk "Big Surprise" Ala CTASaham. What Next???
S&P 500: @From US Astrology Analyst. Breakout after Island Reversal Target's End

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