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Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

Beware!!! Market In Distribution, More Risk > Reward If China GDP Data (Friday The 13th) Worse Than Exp, Get Ready For A Switch!

@Amibroker in CTASaham's New Style
IHSG: Just Breakout The Wedge Support Line in 4.010 for targeting 4.790. Cautious the end of wave B major on Friday The 13th Attack with Half Moon Attack in Aries & Sun Storm Moderate in Cancer, the Outlook will become UGLY.
S&P 500: Three Peaks & Domed House pattern, Distribution, Corrective Wave C is about to come.
HSI: Heavy Supply Ahead Area 20.350-20.600 is hard to crack in Hang Seng, Confirming HSI Still in Distribution Phase & Corr Wave B Major is about to end.

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