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Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

Simple & Quick T.A: How Long IHSG Can Go & Bakrie's Breakouts Attack!

14 Feb: Efek Astrology Aquarius Moon dukung TP 4.550 DONE NEXT 4.650 (Sell on Strength), CTASaham Buy Signal sejak 4.439 (lihat chart) TP 4.630 - 4.650 Trailing Stop 4.530.
BUMI. Edisi 14/ Feb: The worst is over in BUMI? I don't think so! Will See Last Sell -off (E.W Counting: corr wave v down) emerge when bumi hit Rp 1.200-1.300 (Strong Supply)...Short term TP Rp 910-970. Hold Buy @680 TP 910/970 Trailing Stop 770 DONE (+Rp 230 + Rp 40). Buy Breakout 970/1.000 TP 1.160
 Next: BNBR - BTEL - BORN - ELTY - ENRG - UNSP to breakouts
@By Amibroker

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