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Senin, 19 Agustus 2013

The Warning By CTASaham Come True! Road Map July - Sept 2013!

Sesuai Ekspektasi, Summer Attack Part 2 Hit DJIA (Bad Astrology: Uranus + Leo New Moon) merembet ke IHSG (isi gap 4.494 berkat bad astrology, weak Fundamental, weak IDR TP 10.500). 

Artikel 1 Agustus: Welcome Bubble (Burst...) August The Most Volatile Than June! @twitter:andri_zakarias

Since 2009, Proven & Powerful! How To Make A Super Trading Systems (Outperform in Bull / Bear Market): 7-8 Sept: Seminar CTASaham Hotel Cipta Jakarta (Level Basic-Intermediate + Free CTA membership). Get Early Bird Before 30 August! Register:

IHSG 12-8:
IHSG 19-8: Bear Flag, Contracting Triangle Breakdown For Killer Wave C Bear, Death Cross Stochastic, Bad Astrology (The Cruel & Killer Uranus/ Pluto Square vs Sun Into Virgo in Leo Moon), limited Upside For The Rest Weeks of August For The Next New Lows in Sept.
Leo New Moon: Approaching Full Moon 20-22 August for U-Turn Reversal.

Track Records: June - July:

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