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Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

Welcome The W-Shaped (WILD) 2014 For INDONESIAN & GLOBAL ASSETS; BE PREPARED of The Unpredictable MARKETS

Prediksi 2014: 

How low will gold go in 2014? Consensus forecast says down 14.5%

Why this could be the year of the commodities comeback

 Emerging Markets 2014 Outlook: Shaping the Next Decade  Election of Fragile ...

Goldman to JPMorgan Say Sell Emerging Markets After Slide  Foreplay Winter ...

 TRADING STRATEGIES: January How to stay on the bull in the year ahead

Here’s what 14 top Wall Street strategists are saying about the stock market in 2014

What The Big Money Is Betting On In 2014  Learn How To Follow The Money Flow in CTASaham!!!

10 Easy Ways To Make Money In 2014 ...

Saatnya menakar peruntungan saham di 2014  Upgrade Skill Trading (Technical Analysis) Untuk 'Make Big Money' di 2014

Dibuka New Moon (Fire Tiger)! Saham Pilihan di Tahun Kuda Kayu (2014, 2002*, 1990*, 1978, 1966*, 1954*, 1942*, 1930, 1918, 1906) 'Good' untuk pasar saham meski ada gejolak chaos ekonomi - perang di sejumlah negara!

IHSG 2014, Lirik Saham Bank dan Media  CTASaham: Consumer, Commodity, Trade (semester 1 2014)

Wall Street sees S&P 500 rising 6% in 2014

MUST READ! Stimulus withdrawal could hit U.S.and China

MUST READ! Red Alert : Malaysians to brace for possible Indonesian Economic Meltdown

Economists say the US will turn a corner in 2014  Anticipating 2 Tapering Off - 2015 Interest Rate Hikes Fear

Outlook Ekonomi 2014 Rupiah Berpeluang Menguat Tahun Depan  The Year of Dollar in Wild Ride (See CTA blog)

Outlook Ekonomi 2014 Ekonomi 2014 Bakal Dipengaruhi Politik  CTASaham prediksi BI rate +50/75 bsp di 2014

Outlook Ekonomi 2014 Bagaimana Prospek Pasar Modal Tahun Depan?  Coming Soon Revisi Prediksi IHSG + Global 2014

Indonesia expects GDP to hit 1 trillion USD in 2014

Beware of 2 Bear Strikes (By Astrology) & Medium Top Reversal (By Elliott Wave)! Record run for stocks has investors nervous about 2014

MSCI Emerging Market Cetak Reli  Waspadai Outflow Dari Sell Off Indeks Saham Brazil/ Turki/ Thailand/ Shanghai di 2014  Dolar Cenderung Reli di Tahun 2014  The Year ...

Record-level metals storage in ‘shadow warehouses’  Wait For 'The Awakening'

Indonesian rupiah to lead a recovery in 2014? Deutsche Bank Sees Asian Comeback as Pimco Positive  Could dollar-yen hit 125 next year?  Deja Vu ...

Saham Emiten Properti dan Perbankan Bakal Melambat di 2014 … Negatif Selama Ekspektasi Kenaikan Suku Bunga Berlanjut

Why 2014 May Be the Year of the BRICs

HSBC: Forget the currency war, now it’s a deflation war

Daftar Mata Uang yang Akan 'Dihajar' Dolar di 2014 … 

Dilema Dari Perang Mata Uang + Tapering Off The Fed

The most-promising emerging markets for 2014

2014: Battleground year for stocks vs. commodities  Commodities will outperform vs JCI in H1 2014

Goldman Sachs Goes Against Consensus in Dollar Call (Strong Euro!)

3 big predictions for Asia in 2014 …

Six reasons why 2014 is the year the economy clicks  More Volatile Than 2013 By Taper, Sequester, Rates, FX War (CTA)

Predictions 2014: Wall Street

3 big hedge fund predictions for 2014

Prospects for 2014 have nothing to do with 2013 ...

SocGen tells investors where to go in 2014 with one huge chart …

Prediksi Bursa, Ini Saham Unggulan di Pasar Modal 2014  Waspadai Bad ...


Negative Economic Factors Plague Indonesia ETFs 2013: CTA +89% (Jan-Jun: +21%; Jul-Dec: +68% on Commodity; Hold BUY -24%); EIDO -25.5%; JCI -0.98%; IDR -19.8%; Govt Bond -13.8%

Ini Saham Jawara dan Pecundang di 2013

Coming Soon The 1st Prediction By CTASaham! Awali 2014, Empat Perusahaan Ini Melantai

Minyak AS Naik ke Atas US$100 per Barel  Sell $102-104 Target $ 92/87 (corr wave v) SL >$ 107

Rekor Penutupan Tertinggi Tahunan Dalam Sejarah (Rp 12.275); Golden Cross in wave impulse v/alt A! Jelang Akhir Tahun, Kurs Tengah BI Makin Terpuruk ke Rp12.270/US$ 

Sukses prediksi "The 1st IPO: SIDO SSMS LEAD IMJS SRIL KRAH SILO CPGT MLPT by CTASaham" Kaleidoskop 2013 Ini Dia Saham IPO Paling Kinclong dan Paling Loyo di 2013

Closing 2013: JCI 4.277 (YTD -0.98%; -21% YTD Current; Net Sell Foreign Rp 23 T); IDR Rp 12.250 (YTD -19.8%); Indonesia Government Bond (YTD -13.8%)

Stocks end 2013 with bang; Record Dow up most since ‘95; Charting a bullish early-2014 outlook High Volatilty in Peak Cycle Wave 5/III Bull Attack

EURO +4.3%, YEN +21% against dollar in 2013 OIL slips on Libya reports, +7% annual gain; GOLD -28% for year after 12-year streak ends

2013: Target Price Gold $1.200; CPO 2.700 MYR; Oil $100; Coal $76; DJI 16K (Include IPO Twitter +80%; AAPL +$75; GOOG +$250); N225 14K: ALL DONE! Commodities Fall as Treasuries Climb; Dow Rises to Record

Investor asing Rp1.458,25 triliun (63%) vs investor lokal Rp848,21 triliun (37%). Aset Investor ...

Twitter: andri_zakarias

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