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Selasa, 05 April 2016

APRIL BULL: After Succeed in Q1; CTA See The Battle (Astrology vs Fundamental vs Technical) in The Volatile Month (The 2nd Highest Return Month Since 1997: Avg: +3.7%); BI To Cut 25 bsp & The Fed To Hold FFR

IHSG diproyeksi cenderung menguat Foreign Buy, > 4.812-4.834 Sell on Rumor Buy on News FOMC

Index USD sulit tembus level 100 lagi CTA prediksi strong USD on oversold, weak Distribution

Why it’s time to get bullish on emerging markets: BofA Limited Short Term Rally In Overbought B4 Big Astro Surprises

Penny-Pinching Indonesians Seen Imperiling Rebound in Stocks & Property To Breakout?


IHSG Masih Tertekan, Turun 0,78% Sesi I koreksi dari Overbought; CTA: PT ANTM PGAS
The divergence that’s worrying the stock market’s bulls Fragile on Divergent - & Overbought

SE Asia Stocks-Mostly down on weak oil; US Fed minutes awaited

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