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Senin, 01 Agustus 2016

AUGUST: BULL ATTACK IN CHARGE (Earnings; Flow; Tax Amensty, Gap; GLOBAL Rally) vs CYCLE (Wave 5 Minor; 2 Astro Attacks; Gaps, High PER) Before Big Events (Q2 GDP, US Payroll, RDG BI; FOMC)

September is the worst month for U.S. stocks & no one knows why Peak wave v, - Astro Cycle vs Large net longs, FOMC

Semester I, Unilever Gelontorkan Rp725 Miliar Sektor lag Strong support < 44K Bull Flag CWH

EXCL: How Deep Can It Go? Head & Shoulder Breakdown, Gap 2015 Oct, Bullish Crab, Oversold, Buy On Supports/ BO 3.040

Ragam ramalan analis tentang IHSG hari ini TLKM Cheap vs KAEF Expensive; IHSG konsolidasi

Prediksi IHSG Schroder Investment Management Indonesia 

Tenaga IHSG terkuras,anjlok 1,25% Divergence Flow (Foreign Buy YTD Rp 39.7 T) vs Mahal PER 

Indonesian stocks dally at record peak as investors fear tipping point Overbought Expensive PER vs Inflow Ahead of Fed Yellen Testimony (It'll will trigger a SELLOFF if Yellen Hawkish, If Dovish That Make Market Rally) in Astro Attack: Mercury-Moon-Solar.

Fed's back in play, September volatility NFP, Retrograde-Eclipse Attacks Bull Ahead of FOMC

Fed might hike interest rates despite market objections  CTA hold prediction that FOMC to hike 25 bsp in Sept 21th Meeting.

6 Saham Rekomendasi DONE posisi di bulan Agustus (ASII ADRO INCO CTRA PGAS WIKA)

IHSG Ditutup Menguat 89,6 Poin Ke Level 5.461 Foreign Buy YTD Rp 39.8 T; +18.9%; PER 28x, > 5.362 PP TP 5.524/5.655

Prospek emiten konstruksi BUMN bersinar  Overbought Daily vs Bullish Swing (WSKT WSBP WIKA)

A Commodities Rebound Is Accelerating at China’s Doorstop The 2nd Round of Rocket Commodity Stocks CTA to come next

Yen’s World-Beating Surge to 100 Has Traders in Buy-on-Dip Mode Accumulation Y 98-99/ USD

Rencana Penurunan PPh Dorong Kenaikan IHSG AISA PGAS LSIP TLKM Breakout Resist 1; Super NIKL

Jangan beli saham apa pun sebelum Anda melihat ini

Per 15 Agustus, Tebusan Amnesti Pajak Rp540 Miliar Pernyataan Harta Rp 26 Triliun September Ceria Dari Tax Amnesty?

Analis Saham Sebut Perubahan Harga Gas Jadi Sentimen Positif Buat 8 Emiten Sebagian saham bentuk pola cup swing BULL

Is Indonesia's Stock Market Overheating? Higher PER (> 28X for Trading SELL) & Overbought

The Dow at 20,000 in a year is now the consensus forecast Hold BUY DJIA in a Volatile Month 

Investor Mulai Tahan Aksi Beli, IHSG Merah Foreign Net Buy YTD Rp 36.8 T; PER 28.75x; Saham 2nd - 3rd liner bangkit di tengah mahal IHSGal IHSG


Anak-anak BUMN ingin go public The 1st IPO (43rd of All) Waskita Pre Cast Beton by Technical CTA (19/9) 
Link 42 Saham IPO Indonesia & 3 IPO US Stocks

9 Tips Memulai Bisnis Properti Tanpa Modal 

3 Asia EM Equity ETFs Gaining from Surging Inflows Volatility to come in weeks as Divergence (Flow vs Index)Dana Asing Masuk Rp 1,5 T, IHSG 5.420 Foreign Net Buy Weekly Rp 9.2 T; YTD Rp 34.2 T; Good GDP, Isu Tax, PER 28x

IHSG melaju di atas 5.400 Target 5.424 Done Next 5.524 in wave 3; Akumulasi va Overbought

Analis harga komoditas bisa mengerek IHSG Short Term Overbought, Swing Bullish, Cycle prefer agri coal metal

Saksikan informasi ekonomi & bisnis di . Berikut jadwal narsum live talkshownya

How to make August the best month of the year for stocks Accumulation BUY DJIA in wave v3ULL

BPS: Inflasi Juli 2016 Terendah 5 Tahun Terakhir Good News jelang GDP Q2: "Prop Bank23 Kons"

Dog days could bite market in August A Bull Flag & Inverted H&S pattern in DJIA/S&P 500 Before US Payroll (CTA: 205K

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